Annawillis is the first company in Indonesia that gives you reservation access for customers that are dreaming for a fast and easy beauty treatment.


AnnaWillis is a online media where you can interact with beauty shops anytime, anywhere, and anyplace. AnnaWillis provides a reservation access for beauty treatment centers or hair salons that have a partnership with us. The reservation feature because based on our research that a lot of people have waste their time waiting in hair salon to have their turn. With a certain hair salon partnering with us, we provide the reservation access for their members. So, you can continue on doing your activity and say good bye to queuing. But wait you might think what if I forgot to the hair salon although I have book a spot. Do not worry we will remind you by giving short message or an email to your account so you will not miss the appointment. In our website we also have adds for our partner, so they can promote their hair salon. So not the only well known will keep getting the benefit the normal one will also get it. And AnnaWillis also have “Featured Salon”, basically it is a list of featured salon of the month and also we have a search engine for information of the hair salon and beauty treatment center such as price, location, etc.

This is the link of our prototype website
click here





  • 1601210934 – Alvin Setyawan
  • 1601211054 – Nathan Harry
  • 1601211533 – Samuel
  • 1601211306  – William Gunawan
  • 1501171434 – William Kho

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